Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our CSR, HSPP offers the Connect 2 Corporate programme for students and future leaders of the country.

Connect 2 Corporate

There is a growing need to groom and nurture future leaders, as these young minds that will go on to hold the reigns of the corporate world and the country in the near future. HSPP’s ‘Connect 2 Corporate’ programme aims to shape the student’s orientation which goes through a process of metamorphosis when an individual steps out of college/university. The education system prepares a student academically but the professional world needs academics coupled with real life skills and business know-how. Considering the impact of these development initiatives, such programmes are becoming a popular talent development tool by organizations. As a result HSPP has taken an initiative to provide this training to the youth to develop them to be future corporate leaders.

HSPP therefore encourages the transfer of knowledge and experience between its consultants and Educational Institutions through volunteer-based programmes that aim to:

  1. Teach business and management topics to young people in a practical & true-to-life way
  2. Bring various methods of learning (case study based learning, use of visuals, assessments, simulation etc.) to
    facilitate a seamless transition of individuals from student life to corporate world and lay a strong foundation for
    future leaders in the organization
  3. Understand the importance of career management and make a career charting process

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