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 Do you have critical organizational development initiatives but lack the necessary resources to implement them

HSPP Consultants can help you accomplish your goals. We offer on-demand expertise in change management, assessment and analysis, executive leadership development, succession planning, and talent/performance management.


To drive performance you need to carefully understand the competencies that are required for success within each job role in the organization. Developing and retaining talent in those roles calls for an identification of learning paths and coaching needs or a determination of an employee’s readiness for a role. Our experienced assessment and analysis consultants are certified in the tools that measure skills, identify competencies, and evaluate behaviors and knowledge.



Enable your leadership to lead and ensure sustainable growth. HSPP consultants have the topical expertise and industry background to conduct assessments and deliver training solutions; whether for one-on-one executive coaching or customized workshops focused on specific leadership competencies.


It is not easy to identify people who are “ready to go” and fill the gaps caused by planned or unplanned losses of leaders in an organization. But succession planning is the lifeblood sustaining a successful business – and development plans underpins the entire process. Our succession planning consultants can help you prepare for the future by helping you recognize and develop high-potential talent to take vital leadership positions in your organization.


New business initiatives, new technology and new procedures require new behaviors from employees. Corporate change is inevitable, but it shouldn’t be painful or costly to your company.


An organization’s most valuable assets are its employees and their collective knowledge. Your company benefits when you invest in people by attracting, retaining, and developing quality employees.

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